Monday, July 15, 2013

Things to Do

Hey everyone, it's just over a week since my last post and I thought I'd give an update.

I've been busy, but I am working on gathering info on some past projects by Alex Peake. I am currently looking into the Tactical Corsets, what seems to be the most recent one to Code Hero. I am specifically looking into how communication was handled, although hitting on the entire thing in general.

I am looking at the Facebook and Twitter accounts dedicated to Tactical Corsets, as well as the website (saved by the good ol' Wayback Machine) and some other things I've found through some Google digging. I will provide links to everything I used when I finish.

I am still trying to sort out exactly how I want to use this site. Following along with the latest Code Hero news is a given. Do I want to bring in interesting comments from the Kickstarter page regularly? Do I really want to provide information on Mr. Peake's past works when I just want him to finally finish this current one?

So, in short, I am looking into Tactical Corsets and still not sure what I want to put up here. It's not much, but I figure as someone saying Mr. Peake should be trying to provide updates regularly, I should at least try to do it myself.


  1. There is another project from before Tactical Corsets that was at in which interns were asked to produce content for a form of educational content mill. He never, as far as I know, paid any of the contributers or did anything with it. One day after months and months of silence the webpage disappeared.

    There are probably more than a few folks that would be interested in a follow up to that, as I know he managed to dupe dozens of people into contributing and then disappearing on them after their contributions were completed.

    1. Thank you for providing what you know on that. It'll be helpful with sorting out the details.

      I think more and more, I am leaning toward putting up all the information on all the past failed projects that I can, since I am concerned that this Code Hero situation is doomed to repeat. It seems to be a repeat itself.

      The more I dig, the more I see it. It's sad. And if it does repeat, it's not good for anybody involved, it seems.

  2. I did a little digging and I noticed a few relevant entries:

    As for tactical corsets I found this presentation in which Alex makes some pretty eye opening statements here :

    I noticed that the Tactical Corset facebook group was edited this week, all old posts from purchasers asking about their preorders have been deleted. This definitely happened in the past few days, probably due to the tone of discussions going on, and now 2011 never happened.

    1. Thanks for that video. I managed to sneak it in the top of the new post I just made on Tactical Corsets.

      For the Facebook posts, do you mean in the highlights? Because it looks like there's still a bunch of 2011 posts (complaints included) on the posts by others part.

      And thanks for those Empower Thyself links. They look like they'll be useful.